GlidCop AL-15 & GlidCop AL-25

A Copper Dispersion Strengthened with Aluminum Oxide

UNS C15715

UNS C15725

Additional specifications by request


Resistance welding electrodes, relay blades and contractor support, hybrid circuit packages: x-ray tube components, heat exchange sections for fusion power and synchrotron units..

Chemical Composition (Nominal %)

GlidCop AL-15

Aluminum Oxide 0.3 wt%


OF Copper Balance

GlidCop AL-55

Aluminum Oxide 0.5 wt%


OF Copper Balance

Physical Characteristics


  • .321 lb/in³
  • GlidCop AL-15
  • .320 lb/in³
  • GlidCop AL-25

Modulus of Elasticity

Gpa 130


Mpsi 19

Electrical Conductivity

  • %IACS 92
  • GlidCop AL-15
  • %IACS 87
  • GlidCop AL-25

Thermal Conductivity

BTU/ft/hr/°F 133

GlidCop AL-15

BTU/ft/hr/°F 133

GlidCop AL-25

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

microinch/in/°F 9.2

(range 63-300°F)

Sheet/Coil Sizes

GlidCop is available in Declad, Low Oxygen Strip/Plate form.


.002" - .375"


6.00" max


12.00" - 48.00"

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